Saturday, 15 August 2009

rheingauer weinwoche

this week i work at the rheingauer weinwoche in wiesbaden. it's a 10-day long festival where over 200,000 bottles of wine are are drunk each year (during ten days ;-)). this might cause a lot of tipsy visitors, but the atmosphere is very friendly, as people tend to get very merry when they drink yummy rheingauer wine (and there is lots of food and music, too). since the first time the festival was held in 1976, over 10 million people have visited. it is a very popular festival not only locally, people come from many places in the world. just yesterday, i sold glasses of wine in four languages. my mom's family has had a wine stand at the weinwoche since the very first year (for my uncle's winery, take a look here), and so i have helped out there ever since i can remember.
it's a fun festival, so if you ever find yourselves in the rheingau area the 2nd and 3rd week of august, don't forget going to visit wiesbaden.

for a picture and a map of where we are, take a look at the pictures.



  1. Which 4 languages? (just as a matter of interest... - I can guess 2, maybe 3...).

  2. it was french, german, english and italian.